ROT: Trash Is For Tossers x Emma Blake Morsi


#ReclaimingOurTime is a global campaign by @blackgirlenvironmentalist x @passthemicclimate x @generation__green which aims to amplify the work of Black environmentalists around the world through partnership takeovers with ally green organisations, activists and influencers. As part of the campaign, I took over Lauren Singer’s @trashisfortossers Instagram of +374,000 followers to share insightful information and engaging activities on intersectional environmentalism, how climate action relates to global reparative justice, and what next steps people can take on to level up their eco lifestyles.

Watch the takeover via the ‘ROT x TIFT’ highlights here for eye-opening stats, quizzes, and a sustainable bingo. The takeover also included a partnership with Wild, the refill deodorant brand, with an exclusive discount and giveaway.